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The representative of the Ruthenians Fr. Dimytry Sydor took part in the 4th European Russian Forum.

From 29 to 30 November 2010, the European Parliament in Brussels hosted an international conference and the 4-th European Russian Forum, which was attended by representative of the Ruthenians in the European Democratic Alliance, Archpriest Dimytry Sydor.
The representative of Subcarpathian Ruthenians in the European Alliance read a report on the state of human rights and freedoms in Ukraine and evidenced continuing discrimination and ethnocide of the Ruthenian nation, with clear signs of genocide. There is a continuing defamation of the Ruthenians in the media, and judicial repressions against them.
European politicians were also made aware of the bankruptcy of the court system in Ukraine, which is unable to ensure fair trials, retained only a semblance of a fair trial, and has long turned into a shameful violation of rights of hundreds of thousands of people.
At a meeting in Brussels was also discussed the impoverishment of the people, total absence of a free press, corruption, bureaucracy in law enforcement bodies and prosecution in courts, and crimes of intelligence, fighting with the Ruthenian people by the means of prohibited methods.
There has been resentment of those present when the delegates learned about how the Ukrainian officials disfigured "European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages", which was designed to maintain and support the dying languages of small nations. Participants perceived as a mockery of the Charter that among those dying languages were ranked ... Russian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and other very mush alive languages, whilst language of the Ruthenian nation - Ruthenian, was rudely rejected by the authorities.
Besides other issues, the forum made recommendations to President Dmitry Medvedev regarding his upcoming talks with the EU. Sydor Anna Iosyphovna, as an employee of the newspaper "The Christian family", was also present at the Forum.

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