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Ruthenians are not going to play along with political conditions of the country that hosted the Cong

Ruthenians are not going to play along with political conditions of the country that hosted the Congress

The very definition of a "congress" is derived from Latin. Congressus - Congress means meeting for discussion and decisions on important issues. Past Congress neither in the form of preparation (selection of delegates, see Appendix № 1) nor content does not achieve the objectives, stated in the Charter of the World Congresses of Ruthenians -- meetings of leading national leaders for discussion and decisions on urgent problems of the Ruthenian people in defending their national interests. Thus, the past Congress violated the continuity with previous Congresses. We believe in this regard that responsibility for this should primarily take the organizers.

It is unclear who set the rules for the 11th Congress, certainly without participation of the Ruthenian activists, by which they were to play. At the meeting, which was to become a platform to communicate freely and to develop the best solutions to the challenges of the time, they were encouraged to do exclusively "singing and dancing".
Unfortunately, the delegates to the Congress (especially from Subcarpathian Ruthenia) have come to terms with the new rules proposed by influential paragovernmental circles (government intelligence) and could not or did not want to insist on bringing the Congress to its original format, namely, reflecting the important role of Ruthenian organizations around the world in achieving the strategic goal of the Ruthenian movement - the establishment of an independent Ruthenian state in their native land.

In the end, the delegates of the seemingly independent Congress were asked to play the role of "technical assistants" of some sort of folk festival, and the "extras" for the photo session. At the same time, real discussion of topical issues of the Ruthenian movement was generally "tabooed". Organized events like this not only do not help to promote the national interests of the Ruthenian people and their fundamental values, but to a large extent undermine the authority of the Ruthenian movement in general and cause significant damage to its image in the international arena. Recognition of the work of the 11th Congress would have meant that Ruthenian organizations legitimize the policy of control and restrictions imposed by the ruling regimes, and reduction of the role of

Ruthenian movement to backing dancers of politics of those in power.

We see no point in simulating this kind of pre-announced high-profile events, where instead of a real discussions of Ruthenian leaders to develop optimal solutions, there is a purposeful effort on getting support from the authorities with the help of infiltrated in the movement agents. Our position in relation to the World Congress of Ruthenians has always been coherent, clear and consistent (see Appendix № 2-4). Based on this position, we express distrust to the organizers of the event. We insist on refusal to recognise its resolutions (if, of course, they will be implemented).

At the same time, we declare our readiness to begin preparations for the real World Congress of Ruthenians in the near future (purged of any kind of ballast, and explicit "stool-pigeons".)
We are convinced that we can organise the real World Congress of Ruthenians to implement the objectives for which it was conceived in the early 90s, - determining the fate of the Ruthenian people.
We do not intend to play along with political conditions of the country that hosted the Congress and will make our forum truly all-Ruthenian, proving our people that their leaders are able to work without a "crutch" of support from the ruling regime. We invite all Ruthenian organizations in the world to join us. Compiled and opened for signing on July 2, 2011.

President of the World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians V. Dzhugan

Chairman of the European National Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians Father Dymitry Sydor

Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Subcarpathian Ruthenia P. Getsko
Chairman of the People's Parliament of Subcarpathian Ruthenia V. Mikulin



Appendix № 2

Open letter of appeal to the delegates and guests of the 10th World Congress of Ruthenians

June 2, 2009


Dear brothers and sisters, fellowmen, the history of every nation has its vicissitudes, moments of sorrow and joy, and eternal spiritual values.

Now, amid ongoing for nearly 65 years intensive Ukrainization (especially lately) on the one hand, and fight of global giants (Goliaths?) of the world political scene for a monopoly position in the world on the other hand, the process of assimilation of our people went so far that it triggered a natural instinct for survival. There is a real threat to burn out completely, disappear from the map of the world.

The only way out of this situation is to take urgent and resolute measures and, most importantly, act together. It is impossible to live like this any longer.
There are all prerequisites for it in place. There is a new generation of Ruthenian politicians growing and gaining strength, those who think in new ways, without fear of the regime, educated, fluent in technologies of information warfare, and well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their own alarming situation.

Through the efforts of leading figures of the Ruthenian movement I. Pop, R. Magochi and many others, was created a powerful historical, legal and ideological foundation. We, and the younger generation ought to appreciate and remember the names of the best sons and daughters of our people, who at all times, in spite of persecution and intimidation of the ruling systems and their rulers, changing as if in a kaleidoscope regimes; courageously, selflessly, with the tenacity peculiar only to the Ruthenians, defended freedom, honour and dignity of our people.

Continuous chain of "liberators" and "reunificators" and their passing regimes, each time writing our history for their "hoof", destroyed the archives, pillaged museums, burned and processed on Rakhiv cardboard factories our books, trying to erase the most holy, all that valued our ancestors and the ancestors of our ancestors for thousands of years.

There have also been too many detractors of our history and our people at all times. Now some "historians and politicians" of the local bottling are trying to adapt to them.
Tragically, we have also our home-grown quislings, - those who are not averse to spitting on their past, and who are trying to represent the culture, daily life, customs and traditions of their ancestors in a distorted, ugly form. No reasoning or arguments can justify essence of their petty souls.

Soon the time will come when justice is to lift off our nation an artificially impaled mark of "Ukrainians". We want to live in friendship and mutual respect, good neighbourliness with those around us, we are no better and no worse than our neighbours are, but we are different. For all times of our existence our creed has been love for our people, not hatred for other people.

The revival of the Ruthenian movement is demanded by life itself, it is the life itself. Different cultural environments in the midst of which our countrymen found themselves in various countries, often against their will, could not help but affect the mentality and, consequently, the choice of tactical moves and approaches in addressing the key strategic objectives. This is natural, but it does not mean that we must continue to operate separately, being disconnected, accusing each other of excessive radicalism or excessive collaborationism.
We are destined to work together, checking each step only with clearly defined reference points, a guiding star - the strategic objective.
We have no choice, no alternative. It is clear that only by establishment of long suffered for over the centuries parent state, Subcarpathian Ruthenia, through joint efforts, would allow us, scattered all over the world Ruthenians, using Biblical analogy prodigal sons and daughters of our people, to come back at the threshold of our "Father's Home."

President of the World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians V. Dzhugan
Chairman of the European National Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians Father Dymitry Sydor
Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Subcarpathian Ruthenia P. Getsko
Chairman of the People's Parliament of Subcarpathian Ruthenia V. Mikulin


Appendix № 3

Open letter to Ruthenian leaders regarding anti-Ruthenian provocation.


On the Internet, see Exactly on the eve of the 11th World Congress of Ruthenians, scheduled for 16-19 June, 2011 in Budapest under the headline "Ruthenian fraternity" Carpathian Ruthenia??" appeared an article under the signature of Master, Ph.D., Chairman of the Foundation "Ruthenian schools" V. Padyak.

This article was written as if in the Ruthenian, but its clearly Slovak pronounce painfully grates on the ear. Judge for yourself:

"... These years are not marked by anything important. In fact, we should note the decrease in the prestige of international Ruthenian organizations ... "(c)
The article subjected to a public airing of dirty laundry the World Council of Ruthenians (WCR), operative body of the World Congress of Ruthenians (WCSR), with scratching the sores in front of the eyes of amazed audience, ridiculing associates and pouring over them bucketfuls of slops. To the delight of their common enemies, of course ..
In fact the author of the pamphlet blames WCR chairman Dura Papuga, representative of Ruthenians in Slovakia Vladimir Protivnyak and Ruthenian representative in Ukraine Nicolay Bobinets for the failure of the organization of meeting of government representatives in Slovakia (November 20, 2010) and Ukraine (21 March 2011) with the representatives of the WCSR. Personal disdain of the author to the aforementioned public figures sometimes goes off-scale. It is not clear why the author decided to reveal and make public all these affairs of bygone days only today, in anticipation of the 11th World Congress of Ruthenians in Budapest.

Moreover, it is not clear what the subject of the planned meeting with the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn was. Volodymyr Lytvyn, repeatedly, publicly, from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine spoke extremely unflattering not only of the Ruthenian movement in Ukraine, but also of its leaders, which is an accurate, easily checked on the Internet and undoubted fact. Is the "five-member delegation"(c) so naive that it had hoped to persuade at a meeting the bison of "the Ukrainian statist policy?" On the contrary, Nina Karpachova, "[ombudswoman] of Ukraine" (c) is doing everything possible (and even more) to support original Ruthenian people and their urgent needs and does not require any meetings. She is well informed about all the problems...

It becomes very frustrating to watch public airing of the dirty laundry, especially unpleasant in our case, because it concerns the Ruthenian movement that carries on its banner our common noble goal. We understand very well that being different, we often find different ways to solve a common goal set before us, but descent to the mutual name-calling campaigns and interpersonal squabbles in public is beneath the dignity of every decent person. We refuse to believe that wallowing associates in the mud, intrigue, labelling, appropriate to only small potatoes (in the hope that by humiliating someone they would elevate themselves), is signed by the person who wrote this libel.

We strongly condemn this approach, and strongly believe that political client

and the executor of this political provocation, designed for sowing discord in the Ruthenian movement, is sure to be found and properly nailed to the wall of shame ...

President of the World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians V. Dzhugan

Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Subcarpathian Ruthenia P. Getsko
Chairman of the People's Parliament of Subcarpathian Ruthenia V. Mikulin


Appendix № 4

Open letter to the chairman of the World Congress of Ruthenians Dura Papuga
Dear Chairman of the World Congress of Ruthenians Dura Papuga.

A week had passed since the end of the 11th WCSR near Budapest. So far, the results of the forum, in particular resolution of the delegates to the 11th WCSR, were not officially published. Instead of distinct, clear resolution, adopted by the delegates, and results of the Congress, are published rumours, speculations, and even frankly provocative material of the Foes of Ruthenian movement and saboteurs of its goals throughout the world.

We hope that the leadership of the Congress will give a detailed position on the undoubted fact, which took place on the 11th WCSR (vote on the membership of Ruthenian organizations of Russia). We refuse to believe that in our time can be practiced outright discrimination of Ruthenians based on place of residence. What is the reason for such disfavour to Ruthenians, who are forced (temporarily) live in the territory of Russia? We believe that only timely, open, public information of what happened during the Congress, can put an end to proliferating rumours and speculations, which compromise reputation of the Ruthenian movement in general.


World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians: Chairman V. Dzhugan

European Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians: Fr. D. Sydor

Government of the Subcarpathian Ruthenia: Prime Minister P. Getsko

Chairman of the People's Parliament of Subcarpathian Ruthenia V. Mikulin


Appendix № 1
(See the Statement of the People's Council of Ruthenians of Transcarpathia Zhupan)

PCRT states that delegates from the Ruthenians of Transcarpathia (Ukraine), participants of the World Congress of Ruthenians in Budapest (Hungary), have not received the mandate to represent the interests of the Ruthenian people from the historic Subcarpathian Ruthenia (today's Transcarpathia), because they were elected behind the scenes and represented interests of a small group of people, run by the so-called focal Ruthenians from Transcarpathia; forgers of documents, the hijackers of the Ruthenian House in Uzhgorod, compromised in seamy affairs, who have no credibility among the Ruthenian people in Subcarpathian Ruthenia.

We believe that in addition to singing and dancing, the World Congress of Ruthenians should also raise legal issues of protecting the Ruthenian people in the face of the World, the European Community and the Ukrainian leadership. Ukraine remains the only state in the world that to this day did not recognize the Ruthenians on the official level, and in fact continues Stalin-like ethnic discrimination of the Ruthenians.
PCRT, which represented a broad forum of Ruthenians, as well as other organizations, influential in the Ruthenian community of our region, will continue to do everything possible within the legal framework for the revival of the Ruthenian people and the restoration of their rights.

Adopted at the meeting of the Presidium of PCRT, 17.06.2011, Mukachevo
Chairman of the PCRT E. Zhupan


Для Украины, действительно похоже единственный вариант "уйти" от внешнего долга, это распад.

Русины не намерены подыгрывать политической конъюнктуре власти страны принимающей Конгресс

Подкарпатская Русь в составе ЕС



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